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LA–ICP–MS Hardware

With over a decade of experience designing, building, servicing, and using 193nm gas excimer laser ablation instrumentation, Norris Scientific is very active in the field of LA–ICP–MS hardware development.

While Norris Scientific does not currently offer LA–ICP–MS instrumentation for sale, we are able, and willing, to design and build any custom modifications to your existing instrumentation. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • laser source replacement, upgrade or swap,
  • optics enhancements and modifications,
  • upgrades to instrument control (both hardware and software),
  • gas system redesign and modification, as well as
  • ablation cell design and modification.

Norris Scientific offers a wide range of services in this field, so if you are looking for an industry partner to design, build, and sell the next big thing in LA–ICP–MS, then be sure to contact us for a confidential, no obligation assessment of how we can assist.

Funnel Illumination
R&D project investigating novel approaches to sample illumination.
Photo credit: A. Norris (no reproduction without permission).