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With an enthusiastic and dedicated network of developers, and many happy customers, Norris Scientific supplies a number of commercial and community-based software products.

Please contact sales if you are interested in contracting Norris Scientific to develop or consult on your next software project.

Commercial Software

Software for data reduction of LA–ICP–MS data sets.

Advanced sample navigation and imaging software.

Online laboratory booking management system: made by scientists, for scientists.

Community Software

Qtegra LabBook Extraction Tool
Extract MS data from corrupted Qtegra LabBook files.

Periodic Table Generator
Generate high quality and customised periodic tables in PDF format.

Compute activity coefficients for trace elements in molten iron alloys.

EPMA Spectrometer Position Converter
An online tool for converting spectrometer positions between Cameca and Jeol instruments.

An open source PHP implementation of the popular contouring algorithm.