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Norris Scientific is constantly developing new hardware products for the microanalysis market.

Our range of hardware products are either standalone, or extend and upgrade existing analytical equipment to provide new capabilities.

As well as developing and manufacturing our own products, Norris Scientific provides consulting services to a range of companies and universities. Please contact sales if you are interested in Norris Scientific helping you to design, build, or consult on your next microanalytical hardware project.


TempMon Temperature Monitoring
While there are many consumer grade temperature monitoring devices available, none of them offer the range of features and robustness of TempMon, while avoiding the expense of industrial monitoring solutions. TempMon does exactly what you want: monitor temperature in the laboratory in multiple places, with all readings logged automatically to easy-to-use CSV files.

Laser Ablation Instrumentation
Norris Scientific has been developing laser ablation instruments for over a decade.

R3D Milling Platform
An extension to RESOlution laser ablation instruments for psuedo-3D milling of materials.